About Us

About Us

The Job Portal Myanmar has been set up to provide job opportunities for young people studying at the Myanmar Online Campus, which was built to mark the centenary of Yangon University.

Job Portal Myanmar job section within Myanmar Online Campus has been added so that you can apply for the right job immediately after completing your qualifications and completing your qualifications.

Kaung Myat Thu Company has partnered with Job Portal Myanmar to participate in the Myanmar Online Campus. The company has been conducting local job search in accordance with the law since 2010 with the official business license number (7/2010) of the Ministry of Labor.

At the time of the 2020 global epidemic, Kaung Myat Thu Company's local job search service was launched directly on Facebook under the name Online Job Fair Myanmar to provide immediate contact with employers and employees, saving time and money.


"Job opportunities from people to people" because they are designed to create a thriving society by helping each other as much as possible for job opportunities.

How to join Job Portal Myanmar?

Job Portal Myanmar is an ideal online platform for job seekers and companies and Recitment Services companies. There is a Welcome package available for companies and employees who register with jobportalmyanmar.com, and when the package expires, the online payment system will be easy to use and you will be able to purchase more packages at a cheaper rate. You can only hire the staff you need for your business by purchasing and using the package of your choice. We will apply directly to the companies we want to apply for. If you want to get better jobs or better employees you can only get by visiting Job Portal Myanmar.com. To quickly get your own place on the job portal myanmar, submit your work experience and qualifications and submit a profile with your profile.

Job offer and impact

By joining your business on our Job portal myanmar, you will be able to advertise your employee needs and get the most out of your employees, as well as promote your business among employers and employees. Contact [email protected] for more information on media inquiries or our press releases.

Our job boards

Our Website is a business that provides direct access to job seekers and companies looking for employees. Therefore, when you register on our Website, your information is subject to our terms and conditions. Conditions and privacy policies need to be followed.

Explanation that does not apply

Job Portal Myamar is an intermediary online platform for easily meeting companies and employees looking for jobs. Companies that want to recruit employees must recruit employees by stating their qualifications, and employees who want to apply must apply to the companies they are applying for. To do this, you need to purchase packages. Employment; Getting a job depends on how many job vacancies you find and how many employees you find.

Relevancy to description

The content of the Job portal myanamr is subject to applicable laws and regulations. The submitter is responsible for ensuring compliance with the rules. Job portal myanamr We will not be liable for any omissions or inaccuracies. We understand that you are responsible for your statement.

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